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 SKUDO Pro Convertible 18 Double Conversion On-Line UPS
Nominal Power 1.800 VAi / 1.400 VA / 900 Watt



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One UPS that allows both a Tower use is a use 19" Rack.
UPS On-line double conversion technology with By-Pass in ENV 50091-3, assures constantly fed a load and a zero transfer time.
This is the only technology to enable the total elimination of electrical noise because it does not provide for any direct network-user connection.
Totally managed by microprocessors, power the load with a perfect sinusoidal waveform without any interruption.
Thanks to USB and RS232 interfaces and the Management / Control Software, which is available for free at our website in the download section, it is possible the complete management and control of the major operating systems.
It guarantees the highest quality standards (CE, UL, ISO9001, etc.) and is approved by major computer manufacturers and operating systems.
It enjoys 2 year warranty and is always ready for delivery.
The elegant and functional design, quiet operation, reduced weight and size, the use of recyclable materials, make SKUDO Pro Convertible an ideal choice for the security of all offices.


  • Thanks to the engineering mechanics and the LCD panel can be rotated by 90 °, the UPS installation can take place, without distinction, Tower or Rack 19 "
  • True double-conversion online UPS
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Battery replacement without powering down the UPS, simply by removing the front panel
  • Correction of the input power factor 0.98
  • Operation in ECO mode for energy saving
  • Operation as a frequency converter 50/60 Hz
  • Powered up without mains (cold start)
  • Output voltage can be selected directly from the display of the following values: 208; 220; 230; 240Vac
  • Protection from voltage surges, interference (filters EMI / RFI), short circuit, overload
  • Fast recharging of batteries (Advanced Battery Management)
  • Automatic recharging of the batteries even with UPS off to prolong battery life
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • RS232 and USB communication interface
  • SNMP interface (optional)

Data sheet

 Model SKUDO Pro Convertibile 18
 Technology On-Line Double Conversion
 Computers (VA) 1.800
 Electrical (VA) 1.400
 Electrical (W) 900
 Phases Single Phase + Earth
 Minimum transfer voltage (Vac) 180 / 160 / 140 / 120 ±5% - load applied: 100-80% / 80-70% / 70-60% / 60-0%
 Minimum return voltage (Vac) 195 / 175 / 155 / 135 ±5% - load applied: 100-80% / 80-70% / 70-60% / 60-0%
 Max voltage transfer (Vac) 300 ±5%
 Max voltage return (Vac) 290 ±5%
 Frequency range (Hz) from 40 to 70
 Power factor (cosfì) ≧0,99 at 230 Vac input and at 100% load
 Voltage selectable (Vac) 208 / 220 / 230 / 240
 Voltage tolerance ±1% in battery mode
 Synchronized with the network frequency (Hz) from 47 to 53 or from 57 to 63
 Battery frequency (Hz) 50 ±0,5% or 60 ±0,5%
 Current at 230 (A) 3,91
 Waveform Sinewave
 Crest Factor  3:1
 Total harmonic distortion (THD)  ≦3% with linear load  -  ≦6% with non linear load 
 Response time (msec.) Zero 
 Type  Sealed lead-acid maintenance free
 batteries number 2
 Capacity (Ah) 9
 Voltage (Vdc) 24
 Typical back-up time (min.) 10
 Charging time (hours) 4 to 90% capacity after a complete discharge
 Charging current (A) 1 max.
 Charging voltage (Vdc) 27,4 ±1%
 Short circuit With mains fuse - with electronic protection from inverter
 Battery Off at end of discharge 1,65 V/elem. 
 Radio interference According to the CE marking and the FCC standard
 PC interface
 USB e RS232 Software compatible with all popular operating systems
 Environmental conditions
 Temperature (°C) from 0 to +40
 Humidity  Up to 95% non-condensing 
 dBA at 1 meter  <50
 W x D x H mm 438 x 310 x 88 (2 Units) 
 kg  12
 Input connection
 Outlet   1 cable supplied with Italian plug
 Terminal block not present
 Output connection
 n. IEC320 outlets 3
 Terminal block  not present
 n. cables supplied 1 cable with IEC32

Data sheet
1) Manufacturer:
2) Code:
3) Typology:
Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS
4) Technology:
On-Line true double conversion
5) Operating voltage:
One-phase Input and Output


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