General conditions of Sale

General conditions of Sale

The supply is carried out under the conditions explicitly described in the text of the order confirmation. For all matters not explicitly agreed in the contract, the general conditions set out below apply, as well as the ANIE regulation for industrial equipment with static converters, in force from the date of conclusion of the contract.

1. Delivery is deemed to have been agreed at the Supplier's warehouse and performed upon delivery of the material to the Customer or to the Carrier even in cases where the contractual yield is delivered free.
Once the delivery has taken place, all the risks on the sold materials are transferred to the Customer.
If, for any reason, the material has been prepared, the delivery cannot take place due to fact independent of the Supplier's will, it is understood to be for all purposes performed with the simple notice of ready goods.

2. The delivery term established in the contract is to be considered purely indicative and the Supplier does not assume any responsibility for possible damages that the Customer should suffer due to a possible delivery delay, except when in the contract is explicitly accepted to consider the term of delivery as binding and the penalization that the Customer may demand from the Supplier to total compensation for any damages is defined.

3. The Supplier retains ownership of the material supplied until full payment of the same.

4. The Supplier guarantees the technical performance of its material within the limits of what is described in the contract or in attachments explicitly referred to in the contract.

5. The Supplier guarantees the good quality of its material, obliging itself, during the warranty period specified in the contract, to repair or replace the defective parts free of charge as soon as possible. The work relating to repairs or replacement under warranty will be in the opinion of the Supplier, carried out in its own warehouse, in authorized service centers or on site.
In any case, any travel and transportation costs of the Supplier's personnel or the costs of transporting the material are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
Nothing will be due to the Customer for the time during which the system will remain inactive, nor will he be able to claim compensation or compensation for expenses, for claims, for direct and indirect damages. The services due to the Supplier to meet its own warranty obligations will be suspended against the Customer in default of payment.

6. For any dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Monza.