SKUDO Pro Kompact

Logo SKUDO.jpg The SKUDO Pro Kompact series adopts an On-Line double conversion technology with By-Pass according to ENV 50091-3, ensures a constantly powered load and a zero intervention time. This is the only technology to allow the total elimination of electrical disturbances as it does not provide for any direct network-user connection.
Fully managed by Microprocessors, it feeds the users with a perfect Sinusoidal waveform without any interruption. Thanks to the USB and RS232 interfaces and the Management / Control Software, which is available for free at our website in the download section, total management and control of the main operating systems is possible. It guarantees the highest quality standard (CE, UL, ISO9001, etc.) and is approved by the most important computer and operating system manufacturers. It has 2 years of total guarantee and is always ready for delivery. The refined and functional design, the silence, the reduced weights and dimensions, the use of recyclable materials, make SKUDO an ideal choice for the security of all offices.

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SKUDO Pro Kompact 18
Reference SKPK18

SKUDO Pro Kompact 18 Double Conversion On-Line UPS 
Nominal Power 1,8 kVAi / 1,3 kVA / 900 Watt



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SKUDO Pro Kompact 36
Reference SKPK36

SKUDO Pro Kompact 36 Double Conversion On-Line UPS 
Nominal Power 3,6 kVAi / 2,6 kVA / 1.800 Watt



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SKUDO Pro Kompact 54
Reference SKPK54

SKUDO Pro Kompact 54 Double Conversion On-Line UPS
Nominal Power 5,4 kVAi / 3,9 kVA / 2.700 Watt



Availability: 17

SKUDO Pro Kompact 110
Reference SKPK110

UPS Doppia Conversione modello "SKUDO Pro Kompact 110" 
Potenza nominale 11 kVAi / 7,8 kVA / 5,4 kWatt



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SKUDO Pro Kompact 180
Reference SKPK180

SKUDO Pro Kompact 180 Double Conversion On-Line UPS
Nominal Power 18 kVAi / 13 kVA / 9 kWatt



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Minislot interface for AS400 "Dry Contact"
Reference AS400MINI

Interfaccia  Dry Contact interna per tutta la serie SKUDO.
Si installa nell'apposito slot e fornisce la possibilità di accensione e spegnimento a distanza dell'UPS (ON/OFF remoto) e quattro contatti liberi da tensione (settabili in normalmente aperti o normalmente chiusi) per segnalare le seguenti condizioni:

  • Assenza rete
  • Batteria scarica
  • By-Pass inserito
  • Guasto

Availability: 30

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