AKUA Touch

AKUA Touch is a Microprocessor Line-Interactive technology UPS with voltage stabilizer (A.V.R.) always inserted.
It is equipped as standard with a blue Liquid Crystal Touch Display (LCD) which allows, by means of small touches, an easy interpretation of the main operating information.
The UPS of the AKUA Touch series are designed to optimize consumption and increase efficiency; this design effort translates into savings up to 50% of energy compared to traditional UPS.
AKUA Touch pays for itself!
At ON LITE, respect for the environment starts with the products; that's why AKUA Touch is not only energy efficient, it is free of many toxic agents and it is highly recyclable.
Through the USB communication port and the ViewPower Management / Control Software, available free of charge from our website in the Download section, it allows a total automatic management of the AKUA + PC system.
Stabilize the voltage online via an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) voltage stabilizer.
It guarantees the highest quality standard and is approved by the most important computer and operating system manufacturers. It has a 2-year total warranty and is ready for delivery. Quiet, light, small, the four-color packaging is particularly suitable for the "Home & Small Office" market.

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AKUA 100 Touch
Reference AKT100

UPS Line Interactive model "AKUA 100 Touch" 1.000 VA / 480 Watt



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AKUA 120 Touch
Reference AKT120

UPS Line Interactive Model "AKUA 120 Touch" 1.200 VA / 600 Watt



Availability: 90

Order fulfillment within 8 working hours
AKUA 180 Touch
Reference AKT180

UPS Line Interactive Model "AKUA 180 Touch" 1.800 VA / 900 Watt



Availability: 130

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AKUA 240 Touch
Reference AKT240

UPS Line Interactive Model "AKUA 240 Touch" 2.400 VA / 1.200 Watt



Availability: 113

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