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Minislot internal Interface SNMP agent

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The SNMP Agent ( Simply Network Management Protocol) with the software ViewPower Pro becomes a communications solution for advanced monitoring and control of UPS.
This allows SNMP Management Card remotely manage and monitor multiple UPSs from anywhere with internet access.
The software ViewPower through the SNMP interface allows you to monitor, program or turn off the UPS, at any time and in any place even if they are in different planes.
Each time you release a firmware upgrade , the system operator can simply download it and proceed to update with one click.


  • It allows the control and monitoring of the UPS via multiple network connection RJ -45
  • Real-time dynamic graphs of UPS data (voltage, frequency , load level , battery level )
  • Alert notifications via audible alarm, transmission , messenger mobile e-mail and SNMP trap logs stored
  • Historical data in the database of the central PC
  • Updating the firmware with just one click
  • Security Password protection and management of remote access
  • Supports a sensor for environmental monitoring temperature, humidity and smoke (optional)


 Model Internal interface SNMP
 Maximum energy consumption (Watt) 3
 Operating temperature (°C) from 0 to 55
 Operating humidity Up to 95% without condensation
 Network support RJ45 10/100 BaseT
 Dimension (DxWxH) mm 80 x 26 x 52
 Net weight (kg) 0,11
 Supported protocols TCP/IP, UDP, SNTP, HTTP, DHCP, SNMP v1/2/3, SMTP
 Supported extension devices Environmental monitoring detector (optional)
 Supported MIB RFC1213, RFC1628, Management Information Base of ON LITE
 Supported OS Windows, Linux and OS
 Supported Software ViewPower Pro

Data sheet
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UPSs accessory

Manuale software ViwPower Pro

Manuale operativo del software di gestione e controllo ViewPower Pro (in lingua Inglese)


Manuale intefaccia SNMP

Manuale operativo allegato all'interfaccia SNMP (in lingua Inglese)


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