About us

The future comes from experience...

Established in 1997, ON LITE specializes in the manufacture of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS with small sizes, high technical performance, certified quality and competitive prices.

It is essential to be able to adapt society to the general conditions and the constant changing economy, and, actively exploit their own company in a way that is flexible to the conditions of life and work that are transformed at an impressive speed.

Our website is a window into the reality of global competitiveness and an opportunity to make available to customers our know-how.

ON LITE, with the development of new products, lends itself to remember, as has been amply demonstrated over the years that you win the challenge of convenience with quality products and reliable service.
Maintain and enhance the performance of our company, it remains one of the fundamental objectives that ON LITE want to pursue in the future, to always be able to satisfy its customers.

Pre e Post Production

The originality of our interpretations on the theme of UPS, as well as in the technical results obtained, lies in what happens before and after delivery of the product.
We have, in fact, a service that makes of the pre-production dynamism, organizational skills, style available and correct, an entirely differential.
The same applies to the service of post-production: never a delay in delivery, a customer is never left to alone, never an unresolved technical problem, because we are aware that this would be reflected in a negative way about our Company.