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Since 1997 we have specialized in the production of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Established in 1997, ON LITE specializes in the production of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS with reduced dimensions, high technical performance, certified quality and competitive prices.

It is essential to be able to adapt society and the economy to the constantly changing general conditions and to actively exploit one's company so that it is flexible to living and working conditions that are changing at an impressive speed.

Our site is a window into the reality of global competitiveness and an opportunity to make our know-how available to customers.

ON LITE, with the development of new products, is a reminder, as has already been amply demonstrated over the years, that the challenge of convenience is won with the quality of the products and the reliability of the service.

Maintaining and enhancing the performance of your company remains one of the fundamental objectives that ON LITE wants to pursue for the future, to always be able to best satisfy its customers.


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Our Products

Power Supply Tester
Reference PST-II
  • Reduced price

Power Supply Tester - II

Tester per alimentatori ATX 20/24 poli Sata, floppy, con allarme acustico.


Availability: 158

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Skudo One IOT 120
Reference SKOIOT120

UPS On-Line a Double Conversion
model SKUDO ONE IOT 120 
Nominal Power 12 kVAi / 8.5 kVA / 6 kWatt



Availability: 5

Order fulfillment within 8 working hours
Minislot interface for AS400 "Dry Contact"
Reference AS400MINI

Interfaccia  Dry Contact interna per tutta la serie SKUDO.
Si installa nell'apposito slot e fornisce la possibilità di accensione e spegnimento a distanza dell'UPS (ON/OFF remoto) e quattro contatti liberi da tensione (settabili in normalmente aperti o normalmente chiusi) per segnalare le seguenti condizioni:

  • Assenza rete
  • Batteria scarica
  • By-Pass inserito
  • Guasto

Availability: 28

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Skudo Pro Convertibile 180
Reference SKPC180

With true double-conversion design, SKUDO series provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wider input voltage for harsh environment. It's perfect protection for your precious loads.




Availability: 8

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