With ON LITE you will have a single point of contact who will guide you from the choice of the product that best suits your needs, then going on to installing and maintaining the UPSs purchased. This service is managed by real professionals in the sector and at extremely competitive costs.

The conditions of guarantee and assistance are to be included, like the quality, the completeness of the range, the technological research and the competitiveness, among the parameters to be taken into account before purchasing or distributing the Continuity Groups.
An unweighted choice in this regard risks turning into an inexhaustible source of trouble.
For ON LITE, Warranty and Assistance are primary factors and it is in this perspective that the warranty period has been extended beyond the limit imposed by the regulations: from one to two years.

Having limited our action mainly to the Uninterruptible Power Supply, we have a remarkably well stocked warehouse that facilitates the timeliness of deliveries, with consequently reducing waiting time and your warehouse costs.
Orders are promptly processed during the same working day.

The Global Service service allows you to complete and/or extend the warranty in a simple and favourable way.
So you no longer have to worry about anything: ON LITE will, completely at its own expense, resolve any problems with your UPS even after the warranty period.
The Global Service contract can be stipulated either at the time of purchase or later.

All our products are fully guaranteed for a period of 2 years.
The guarantee in this period is foreseen, unless otherwise agreed, with the Carry-in method:
In the event of a problem, the Customer will, at his own expense and risk, deliver and collect the product under warranty at our headquarters, which will carry out the repair in a totally free (including spare parts and labor) .
Repair times are calculated in 5 working days as there is a minimum Run-In time (acceptance test) of 72 hours (3 days) after repair.
For UPS installations with high power, where moving the unit is extremely difficult, it is of course foreseen the timely On Site intervention of ON LITE technicians, with the sole charge of the intervention costs.

Our technical and commercial staff provide all information directly and absolutely free, offering the best solutions thanks to the considerable specific experience acquired over the years.
Furthermore, the entire ON LITE technical staff is at your disposal for studies, inspections and research of technical solutions as well as the creation of special equipment for any need.

Thanks to a wide and complete range of certified products, with ON LITE you will meet any requirement regarding Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS.
In fact, UPSs with different characteristics and construction technologies are at your disposal, equipped with management software and power ratings from 500 VA to 250 kVA.
Furthermore, with the new UPS ON LITE, even PC Users and small networks can now safeguard their systems by miniaturized UPS, but with performances similar to those used for large computers, which are more affordable than most peripheral hardware and commonly purchased software packages.

It is natural for us to offer our customers services of high technical and commercial value, included in the sale price of the products but difficult to quantify, such as: Quality, Competence, Consultancy, Availability.
For this reason we are sure that, once you get in touch with ON LITE, you will not only find UPS units that are technically advanced and economically competitive, but something equally important and irreplaceable: our professional preparation and willingness to assist you for all that concerns the management and distribution problems of a high-tech product. That's why, if you are looking for a high quality product (our UPS are ISO 9001, CE, UL, FCC certified, as well as the most important computer and operating system manufacturers) and if you need expertise, technical advice, information (our staff has several years of specific experience), please contact us with confidence.

Constantly complying with its corporate policy, aimed at consolidating and increasing the current position in the UPS market, also through highly professional and specific services, ON LITE offers the possibility of immediate replacement of products that do not fully meet the needs of the Customer or, if requested, full refund for a period of 15 days from receipt of goods.
Obviously this brings the tranquility and security of having chosen the best product for real needs and, at the same time, protecting Retailers and Installers from possible dimensioning errors regarding the plant to be protected with the Continuity Group.
This opportunity is offered to you not through complicated procedures but simply, motivating through a phone call the causes of your dissatisfaction. In an atmosphere, therefore, of great harmony and civilization as if it were "a handshake between old friends".


  1. Go to the home page and in the section register your UPS, using your credentials or create new ones if you were not registered, and click on More details.
  2. Fill in all the items requested.
  3. Attach a copy of the invoice or sales document.
  4. Conclude by clicking on "Register Product".