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Strip 5 outlets with surge filter and ON/OFF Bipolar light switch

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Power strip with surge protector to five positions and lightning and light pole switch , is essential for the protection of PCs , hi-fi systems , televisions, video projectors, cash registers , electronic scales, medical equipment.
100% Italian product .


the integrated filter ensures the elimination of voltage spikes coming from the power supply primary .
Composed fuse / varistor with a 250Vac intervention has a power consumption of up to 70 Joules equal to a power of 4.5 kA for download 20/80 microseconds.

Filter signal:
a light indicates when the filter is in operation.

ON / OFF switch:
a lamp switch 16A indicates whether the output jacks are fed .
With this switch you can also immediately turn off all electrical equipment connected to the power strip .

Power cable:
section 3 x 1.5 mm2 , has a length of 1.5 meters and is fitted with a plug type Italian 16A .

Children protecting:
all outlets are protected from the alveoli that prevents accidental insertion of a foreign body , to open the alveoluses must be pressed simultaneously , an operation that is performed automatically with the insertion of a plug.

thanks to the inclination of 45 °, there is the possibility to easily accommodate up to five spines .

made of polyamide material .

the maximum output power is 3,000 watts.

two slots through the strip can be fixed in any position such as under a desk in the horizontal or vertical position on a wall .

transparent bag in order to visually assess the high quality of the product.

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