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Power Strip Rack 5 sockets and switch Circuit breaker 1P + N 16A

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Professional Strip multistandard for rack cabinets .
Innovative power strip, designed in a modular form to meet the most varied demands of models up to 24 outlets .

The strip is offered in a range of up to 15 models, to which are added all the possible configurations on special customer request.

The product is in conformity with CEI EN 60439-1 (CEI 17-13/1 ) and CEI 23-50 (CEI 23-50 ; V1).

The maximum operating voltage is 250VAC with a current of 16A.

It comes with a power cord black, H05VV - F 3G -shaped section of 1.5 mm2 and a length of two meters.

The terminals of the power cables are made up of Schuko plugs, IEC 2P + T 16A, 2P + T 32A IEC, VDE.

The socket is of type Schuko 10/16 A and allows you to receive European plugs 2P 2,5 A and 2P + T German standard.

The internal wiring is innovative because it is not realized with the classic standard cables, but using specific combs conductors of high quality, which form a single body with the sockets and that therefore exclude exhaustively, the absence of conductivity, generally caused by possible incorrect wiring or cable wear.

There are three different types of protection:

  • Magnetothermal industrial 1P + N 16A 16A 2P 4.5 kA and 4.5 kA
  • Magnetic civilian 1P + N 16A 3.0 kA
  • On / Off switch fitted with a light switch cover to prevent accidental shutdown

The body of the strip is made of PVC V0 Flame retardant and has a height of 1.5 HE.

The strip, thanks to the presence of two mounting tabs rolling stock, can be fixed in different positions:

  • 19 "rack horizontal position
  • 19 "rack 10 ° south
  • 19 "rack 10 degrees north

Inverting the two wings, the strip can also be fixed to the floor and ceiling.

The packaging consists of a cardboard box in which is housed the single strip, so as to avoid as much as possible any damage caused by transport.

Temperature: -25 ° C to +40 ° C
Humidity: 100% / 25 ° C
Maximum altitude: 2,000 m
Degree of pollution: 2
Type of ground: TT-TN
Degree of protection: IP 30
Power cable: H05VV-F3g1, 5 mm2. With plug SP 8848
Dimensions: Width: 58mm, Depth: 58mm, Length: 500 mm
Weight: 1 kg. about
Switching capacity: 4.5 kA
Rated voltages range: 230 V
Rated insulation: 1.500 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4,000 V
Rated Input Current: 16 A
Rated output current: 16 A
Type of current: alternating current.
Operating limit: coincidence factor 0.034

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