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UPS Easy Line Model "EKO 90" 900 VA


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EKO is a UPS technology Easy Interactive.
It is equipped with two indicator lights (LEDs ) that allow easy interpretation of the main operating information .
EKO series UPS are designed to optimize power consumption and increase efficiency, this design effort translates into savings of up to 50 % energy compared to conventional UPS .
It have 2 year warranty and it is ready for delivery.
It is built with recyclable materials and is quiet, lightweight, small.
Finally, the packaging with full color photos is particularly suited to the " Consumer" market.


  • Personal Computer
  • Workstation
  • Inkjet printers

        Key Features

  • Power from 700VA to 1.200VA
  • Easy Interactive technology
  • Ability to be hung by the right slots
  • Electronics assembled with SMD technology
  • Two IEC320 output sockets protected by blackout
  • High reliability
  • Careful and ergonomic design
  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Ease to use
  • No noise

Data sheet
1) Manufacturer:
2) Code:
3) Typology:
Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS
4) Technology:
Easy interactive
5) Operating voltage:
One-phase Input and Output


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