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UPS On-Line a Double Conversion
model SKUDO ONE IOT 200 
Nominal Power 20 kVAi / 14 kVA / 10 kWatt


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Double conversion on-line technology UPS with By-Pass in compliance with ENV 50091-3, ensures a constantly powered load and zero intervention time.
This is the only technology that allows the total elimination of electrical disturbances as it does not require any direct network-user connection.
Totally managed by microprocessors, it feeds the utilities with a perfect sinusoidal waveform without any interruption.
Thanks to the USB 2.0 HID and RS232 interfaces and the WinPower Management/Control Software, which is available free of charge on our website in the download section, total management and control of the UPS is possible with the main operating systems.
It guarantees the highest quality standard (CE, UL, ISO9001, etc.) and is approved by the most important computer and operating system manufacturers.
It has a 2-year guarantee and is always ready for delivery.
The refined and functional design, the silence, the reduced weights and dimensions, the use of recyclable materials, make SKUDO an ideal choice for the safety of all offices.


  • Output power factor ONE, that is 1kVA = 1kW
  • Built-in IOT (Internet Of Things) module as standard
  • Ethernet port for standard IOT solution
  • IEC 62443 certification for computer security
  • Input power factor correction ≧ 0.99
  • Operation in ECO Mode for energy saving
  • Operation as a 50/60 Hz frequency converter
  • Ignition in the absence of the electricity network (cold start)
  • Output voltage selectable directly from the display among the following values: 200; 208; 220; 230; 240 Vac
  • Protection against voltage discharges, radio interference (EMI/RFI filters), short circuits, overloads
  • Fast battery charging (Advanced Battery Management) even for long autonomy via an additional 3.5A battery charger (optional)
  • Automatic recharge of the batteries even with the UPS off to prolong the life of the batteries
  • Autonomy extensions through special Battery Packs with the same design as the UPS
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with 10 selectable languages
  • Wireless dongle (optional)
  • RS232 and USB 2.0 HDI communication interface
  • SNMP interface (optional)
  • AS400 interface (optional)
  • RS485 interface (optional)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor interface (optional)

Data Sheet

 Model SKUDO ONE IOT 200
 Technology Double Conversion On-Line
 Computer technology (VA) 20,000
 Electric (VA) 14,000
 Electric (W) 10,000
 Phases Single Phase + Earth
 Voltage tolerance (Vac) 110 (at 50% load) or 160 (at 100% load) to 276
 Nominal frequency (Hz) 50 or 60
 Frequency tolerance (Hz)

With load ≦60% from 40 to 70
With load >60% from 45 to 55 for nominal frequency 50Hz or from 54 to 66 for 60Hz nominal frequency

 Single-phase rated current with battery 192Vdc (A) 53
Single-phase rated current with battery 240Vdc (A) 54
 Connection Terminal block
 Selectable voltage (Vac) 220 / 230 / 240
 Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60
 Maximum Power Factor (cosfì) 1
 Maximum crest factor 3:1
 Overload in normal mode >105% - ≦125%: UPS transfers the load to Bypass after 10 minutes
>125% - ≦150%: UPS transfers the load to Bypass after 30 seconds
>150%: UPS transfers the load to Bypass after 0.5 seconds
 Transfer time from mains to battery Zero 
 Transfer time from Inverter to By-Pass Zero
 Connection Terminal block
 Type Maintenance-free lead sealed
 n. batteries 216 or 20 selectable
 Voltage (Vdc) 192 or 240 selectable
 Capacity (Ah) 9
 Typical back up time (min.) 10
 Charging current (A) 2
 Short circuit current (RMS) / Protection time in normal mode 113 A / 200 msec.
 Batteries Switch off at end of discharge 1,65 V/elem. 
 Radio disturbances In accordance with the CE marking and the FCC standard
 Dot matrix LCD Multilanguage (10 languages selectable)
 PC interface
 USB 2.0 With HID (Human Interface Device) standard
 RS232 With DB9 connector
 Environmental conditions
 Operating temperature (°C) from 0 to +40 (50% power derating above 40°C up to 50°C)
 Storage temperature (°C) -15 to +40 with battery / -25 to +40 without battery
 Umidity Up to 95% without condensation
 Altitude (meters) ≦ 3.000
 Dimensions and weight
 Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 225 x 416 x 589
 Net weight (kg) 68.2
 Packing dimensions (WxDxH mm) 111 x 222 x 333
 Gross weight (kg) XX.X

 Technical notes:

  • The weight for the standard version is calculated with a battery made with 20 monoblocks.
  • UPS power reduces to 60% when operating as a frequency converter with rated output power and maximum charging current.
  • If used at an altitude above 1,000 meters, the output power is reduced by 1% for every 100 meters up to the maximum limit of 3,000 meters.

Data sheet
1) Manufacturer:
2) Code:
3) Typology:
Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS
4) Technology:
On-Line true double conversion
5) Operating voltage:
One-phase Input and Output