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Electronic voltage and frequency regulator 45A

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  • Test benches
  • Measurement laboratories
  • Automatic field
  • Automatic tests

Output voltage electronic regulation
Through a dial on the unit front panel, it is possible to set the necessary output voltage: from 0Vac to 270Vac.
This regulation can also be done through a remote control (o-10V).
The settled voltage is simultaneously visualized on a LCD display.

Selectable output frequency
Through a switch on the unit front panel it is possible to select the output frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
his regulation can also be done through a remote control.
Different frequencies are available on request.

IGBT technology
This technology allows high performances and avoids the under load voltage drop typical of the common electromechanical variac.

Unit monitoring

  • LCD Display with V & A output
  • Controls: ON/OFF switch, frequency selector and output voltage regulation dial
  • LED on the unit front panel with unit status signals
  • DB9 remote input: ON/OFF, 50/60Hz, output voltage regulation

Installation and mainjtenance in absolute simplicity

  • modular systems easily integrated in rack cabinets
  • 19" 5 Units rack
  • each unit is equipped with simple connections on the rear panel

Maximum design flexibility
All our unit can be customixed and adapted to all customers requests:

  • different input/output voltages and frequencies
  • customized units: cabinets, particular packaging, and so on.


 Model     FCVR 45
 POWER  Output power   45A
   Maximum power   12,1 kWatt
 INPUT  Voltage range   400 Vac +/- 15% 3P+N (no neutral required)
   Frequency range   50/60 Hz
   Connections   Screw plugs
 OUTPUT  Volatage   0 to 270 Vac Sinewave 1P+N (output NOT neutral referred to ground; output neutral referred only with an optional insulation transformer)
   Frequency   50Hz or 60Hz +/-0,1% selectable
   Power crest factor   3:1
   Harmonic distorsion   <3%
   Voltage variation at fixed load   <1%
   Voltage variation from 0 to 100% load   <1,5%
   Electronic protection   5 sec. 125% output current short circuit
   Connection   Screw plugs
 TECHNOLOGY  High performance   IGBT with output self-transformer
   Efficiency   >87%
 SIGNALLINGS  Local  ON/OFF, visual alarms, 50/60Hz setting, output voltage regulation knob
   Remote  ON/OFF, enable, 50/60Hz setting, output voltage regulation knob
   Display   LCD Display - output Voltage and output Current
 ENVIRONMENTAL  CONDITIONS  Storage   from -10 °C to +60 °C
   Operating   from 0 °C to +45 °C
   Noise level   < 50 db
 CABINET  Color   RAL 7035
  Protection degree   IP21
   Rack   5U 19" rack depth 650 mm + 60 mm plug cover
   Weight kg   32

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